Dining & Takeout Procedures


We are excited to announce that our patio and inside dining room are now open!

At Melville Café, the health and safety of our team members and our valued guests is our number one concern. It is important that we do our part to curb the spread of the virus.

Our primary interest is the health and safety of you, our guests as well as our staff members.

Your dining experience might look and feel a little different but our passion for exceptional service remains true.

These are our new dining procedures to follow to make your time at Melville safe and enjoyable.

Enhanced Cleanliness & Educated Employees

We have increased our disinfection practices in all the areas of our café significantly. All employees have been trained with our new procedures and enhanced cleaning protocols.

Hand sanitizer is easily accessible for all guests and employees. We have also reduced points of contact and shared spaces.

Our team has had advanced Health & Safety training and will strictly follow procedures for wearing PPE, maintaining safe distances from guests and other staff members, and our heightened cleaning processes.

The patio and dining room will be open at a reduced capacity and to our guests. The patio is weather dependent.

Guests will have the option of takeout containers or dine-in plates and glasses for food and beverages. Reduced hours were put into place to ensure that there is adequate time for all sanitization protocols.

 Dinning Guidelines 

Please arrive at the open front doors of the café. Please follow all arrows to direct you to the right location. At the entrance, you will find a sanitizing station available for your immediate use.

As the province of Ontario has amended a new stage-three requirement for indoor and dining areas, we are required to collect contact information of all patrons upon entering.

Please be mindful of entering the cafe when there is space to do so. This will ensure all customers and staff are safe.

When inside the cafe, all customers need to be wearing a mask.

When seated you can take off your mask, but when entering, leaving, or using the washroom please wear a mask.

All tables are 6 feet apart to allow for social distancing.

We strongly recommend that each person in your group is from the same social bubble.

We advise the use of Debit or Credit cards and not cash.

All lids, sleeves, sugar, milk, cream, straws, and stir sticks will be at the front. These will all be administrated by our staff.

If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the café.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

See you soon!